Onwards and upwards!

I hope everyone who celebrates has had a lovely Christmas-- and if you don't, I hope you had a lovely day anyway! Can you believe 2012 is almost over? I can't believe the ONE THING to not survive the apocalypse was Twinkies. RIP Hostess. I guess all good things must come to an end.

I've had a very nice Christmas this year, spent with family, friends, too many animals (as always), and waaaaay too much food. I also got a lot of great gifts-- a new messenger bag, Doolittle by the Pixies on vinyl, new headphones, pajama pants, and enough books that by the time next December rolls around, I probably won't be through them all. Right now I've got my new headphones on, switching between listening to music and watching A Christmas Story on TBS while answering long overdue emails, and typing this post. I also have a bag of chocolate covered pretzels next to me, so, you know. George Bailey got it right: It's a pretty wonderful life.