Does it count as photobombing if you're the picture's subject?

Yesterday I went to take my official author photo. I'd been putting it off because, uh... I really dislike having my picture taken. But it needed to be done and my guitar teacher's wife, Tiffany, is a professional photographer, so I went to her studio in downtown Fowlerville.

The studio is gorgeous-- it has wooden floors and exposed brick walls. Tiffany had me sit on a black stool and do some poses, sit on a chair backwards and do some poses, lean against the brick wall and do poses, etc etc. Eventually we went to do some outdoor shots-- sitting on a bench, leaning against more brick walls, standing in front of a church with stained glass windows, sitting on some steps, etc etc. After awhile we moved back inside to do a few more indoor shots, and by then she'd been photographing me for over an hour.

Like I said, I don't really like being photographed. I mean, I'm not all Thomas Pynchon about it, but I'd rather be behind a camera than in front of it. Tiffany seemed to catch on pretty early that I'm not a big smiley person, which I apologized for by saying, "Sorry if I look like I'm dying on the inside." And when we were outside, she was trying to instruct me how to pose casually on the bench leaning forward with my elbows propped on my legs, which apparently is not a natural pose for me. I apologized for this by saying, "Sorry I'm such an awkward person in general."

I didn't really dress up-- I wore a black hoodie over a black v-neck, dark jeans, and the same pair of Chucks I've had since high school (which Tiffany loved and said had "so much character"-- aka, really beat up and dirty).

Despite my awkwardness, it was actually pretty fun! Tiffany was great and made it easy for me to relax, and she had some great ideas for different shots. I got to look at some of the pictures and I was really happy with them. Plus, she played music the whole time-- The Beatles, Elton John, and The Stones. Awesome!

I ended up getting more photographs of me taken within an hour than I've probably had taken of me over the past two years, total. I'll show you all the official author photo once I get it/select it from the bunch, and possibly some other shots, too.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the official shot, famous young adult author, especially if we can see your character-driven shoes, too. :0D

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Yasso Naser said...

I’ll probably be returning to read more